When I arrived at Osaka Castle Park Station I was wondering why there were so many people walking around? 🤔 Was it a concert at Osaka Dome? 👩‍🎤 NOPE! It was the 2024 Craft Gyoza Fest! 🥟🥟🥟 #Osaka #Japan #餃子

Long shot of people walking under a pink banner advertising the Craft Gyoza Fest 2024 on a bright sunny day

Perfect blue sky at Osaka Castle 📸🏯

Looking up at Osaka castle, the brass fittings glitter in the sunlight

Listened to the latest ep of CBC Spark on the negative impacts of a culture of productivity, which is a good ep and all, but ends with the shocking announcement that CBC is cancelling Spark after 17 years! 😱

Old school beats from Meth 👐 and look at who tops the list as enemies of music being defeated in this new Droog claymation video: The Algorithm ⚙️ 🎶


Stopped at School Bus before the kids get home for a little writing on the patio in the sun ☕️

A cookie and cup of coffee beside an iPad on a table outside. The cookie is served in a coffee filter stamped with the School Bus Coffee Stop logo.

Under the tracks 📸

#Osaka #Japan #streetPhotography

dark underpass under railway tracks during the day. The underpass is initally squared off, but then partway there is an arch from a previous period. On the far side a woman walks to the left. Above is a sign that says けた下制限高1.9M indicating the max height is 1.9m

If you are in Kansai come out to OWDDM on May 18 when we will be introducing Erin Meyer’s excellent book The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business. This in an interactive session.


🤦‍♂️ OMG why do I do this to myself… it was just a week #travel #photography

Screencap of a photo album called “Taiwan ALL” containing 1799 photos and 94 videos

Finished The Blade Itself (The First Law #1) by Joe Abercrombie 📚

4.5 rounded up. Some plotholes and cliches but excellent narrator sells it. Before even finishing I got the rest of the series. Been a while since I read a rollicking fantasy like this. Definitely reminiscent of Locke Lamora.

Wall art in the alley behind Kyobashi Shotengai #Osaka #StreetArt

wall panels painted with closeups of faces with striking eyes, crying tears of bright coloured paint

Metagov has a $200k grant program for improving interoperability amongst decision making tools. Applications open until May 31st.

Learn more: metagov.github.io/interop/

Email interop@metagov.org with your questions

#governance #interop #grants #research

ISOC has a new hefty research program covering:

  • Greening the Internet
  • The Internet Economy
  • A Trustworthy Internet
  • Decolonizing the Internet


Landed at Kansai International Airport. A guy in the lobby asks me for directions. I help him out. He identifies himself as Canadian 🇨🇦 “Hey! I’m Canadian!” 🍁 Canadians helping Canadians, all over the world 🤝

Currently at the airport getting ready to leaveve Taiwan for Japan. It has been a great trip. I have learned a bunch, and had my curiousity piqued even more. If anyone has any recent book recommendations on Taiwanese identity formation in the past decade, please let me know!

Taipei Zoo!

Chad poses with statues of animals like a sun bear, leopard, and pangolin at the zoo entranceChad’s daughter takes a closeup shot of a tamarin monkey sitting on the handrailChad selfie with a sun bear in the distanceChad selfie with a peacock on the handrail, its tail feathers sweeping down

The Grand Hotel Taipei, much bigger than the one in Kaohsiung at 16 floors and 500 rooms. We saw the Centennial Dragon 🐉 which came from when this spot was a jinja ⛩️ during Japanese colonial times. We also went down the secret escape tunnel for visiting heads of state, equipped with a slide! 🛝

Front of the Grand Hotel, an imposing symmetry structure in Chinese style Chad in the lobby of the Grand HotelDetail of the eaves and pillared exterior of the Grand HotelA gold, three clawed Japanese dragon sculpture that has water flowing upward from its mouth in a fountain. Medals adorn the front of the fountain from people who have apparently had their wishes granted by the dragon


#台湾 #九份 #コンビニ #絶景


Today was the National Palace Museum in Taipei which is FULL of treasures dating back to the 16th C BCE‼️ We saw many jade pieces, the pork-meat jasper, and this ball made from a single piece of ivory, has 21 independently moving spheres in it, and took 3 generations to carve‼️🤯🤯🤯 #Taiwan #art

Path leading up to the National Palace Museum in Taipei, a white building backed by a green mountain and flanked by palm treesA lychee carved from jadeThe famous Jasper stone carved to look like a piece of porkIntricately carved ivory ball with large holes revealing more layers inside

View! Wish I coulda seen this in clear weather


Bit of a different newsletter this month since I’ve been on the road. It picks up from my last one talking about “making” and building skills. Here’s a missive from an old gold-mining town in northern Taiwan: buttondown.email/chadkoh/a…