Okay here is a full album of pics from all over southern Osaka. Includes occultists, wishing shrines, pagodas, ripped devas, and cute 3 legged crows!

Abe-no-seimei in Osaka, Horikoshi Jinja, Shitenno-ji, Mitsudera

Couple more holy spots here in the Nanba area: Mitsudera has a hotel built OVERTOP of it. This wooden temple survived the WW2 bombings so they are protecting it. Then of course you have his worship the Glico Man and some excellent takoyaki signage 😉 #Japan #Osaka

A hotel building. The bottom left section of the building, about 3 floors worth, has a cut out with a temple inside UNDER the building. Mitsudera with the roof of the Candeo hotel aboveChad selfie at the Glico sign at Nanba bridge Giant 3D octopus on the side of a takoyaki shop. In the background is another sign with a dragon looking like it is wending its way in and out of a ramen shop

Getting in a last temple visit: Horikoshi Jinja ⛩️ (where your 1 wish will be granted) and Shitenno-ji ☸️ which is Japan’s first temple originally constructed in 593 by Emperor Shotoku Taishi #Japan #Osaka #Buddhism

Chad selfie with the Horikoshi shrine signChad at the gate of Shitenno-ji where the sign claims it is Japan’s first templeMain hall of Shitenno-jiChad selfie with the famous 5 layer pagoda and the main building of Shitenno-ji

Currently reading: Buddhism by Dalai Lama 📚

Needed some easy, non-fiction reading that I can put on while packing and riding planes and the like over the next week.

Cover of the audiobook

Quizzing my daughter about football. The only thing she knows she learned from the Blue Lock anime, and she showing big attitude:

Me: “Explain the Offside Trap”

Her: “That’s the little cage at the side of the field, right?”

Me: 💀 💀 💀

#football #footie

“The world needs a community powered browser engine free of corporate interests and focussed on putting people first”

Announcement for the Ladybird Browser Initiative, a 501c3 building a new browser engine from scratch

Nice! All the vids are up for the #localfirst conf in #berlin in May!

Check the trailer:

Full playlist here →


some proposals for the Global Digital Compact (GDC) can be read to mandate more centralized governance. … we believe it will be detrimental to not only the Internet and the Web, but also to the world’s economies and societies

RT ✊ #InternetGovernance

My final monthly personal note from Japan just went out.



Quote from Insight Timer&10;“If you're not making mistakes, then you're not making decisions.”&10;Catherine Cook

Lovely final day in #Kyoto. Went to temple ☸️ visited the family grave 📿 got some new chopsticks in Gion 🥢 walked Shinkyogoku 🛍 and met with family for a last supper 🐎🍣

We moved away from Kyoto to Osaka last year, but it still feels sad to say goodbye … this time for real 👋 🥹

Chad selfie in front of Yasaka Jinja

Today is Jiji’s 命日 so we came up for a ceremony and one last visit to the cemetery in Kyoto before going to Canada in a week 🙏 📿

Panorama of Kyoto from Otani Sobyo. Manet grave stones in the foreground and city buildings in the back

Started listening to “Throne of Jade”by Naomi Novik 📚

Heard a podcast about Master & Commander which put me in the mood for Napoleonic wars… with dragons! 🐉


Been a while since I posted a #truelove quote 💁‍♂️

Her: “Ever since you cut your hair short you look like a pineapple face.”

Me: “Je ne suis pas un ananas”

The Ananas puppet from Telefrançais

Chinowa #Japan #Shrine ⛩️

Black and white image of a chinowa in front of a shrine. A chinowa is a large ring made out of grasses that you walk through to gain the protection of the kami

Panelists from the Atlantic Council give a primer on #internetgovernance history, how things changed with the Snowden revelations, the recent push for multilateralism, and how China sees the Global Digital Compact as a way to gain more leverage.


Whoa! Slay 💅 #bloomScrolling

A Chinese dogwood tree in full bloom

Other than last day of school, it’s last day of Spring & National Indigenous Peoples Day, but also the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death. So I’m looking back on my writing and reflecting:



Last day of school. 👩‍🎓

(No more lunch-making! 🙌 Daily fights about internet usage 😒)

Night run photo. 🏃‍♂️

Getting close to that full Moon and the end of spring 🌱💐

Night shot of a river with a freeway overpass crossing overhead. Up in the sky the moon glows brightly, almost full