Whoa I felt that quake in Oita all the way here in Osaka! Long! #earthquake #Japan #地震

Day 17: 📷 transcendence (@drewbelf) #mbApr

You are connected to those in the past, in the present, and the future. You are transcendent.

(📸 This is my family altar 仏壇 🙏📿)

a thin line of smoke rises from a single stick of lit incense in front of a Buddhist family altar

Rewilding the internet

The “internet is not an ecosystem. It’s a zoo.”

Robin Berjon and Maria Farrell not only show how we have arrived at this online monoculture (and the dangers therein), but how we can take steps to seeding more diversity (and therefore resilience) for the good of the whole forest.

This article really sums up the work I have been doing over the past couple of years as a sort of armchair internet ecologist. Very happy to share it wide, hoping the seeds sprout into action by the internet-using public… which is all of us!


Day 16: 📷 flâneur (@chrisaldrich) #mbApr

Daughter got some new kicks and immediately decorated them in her style. She travels at her own pace. 🌈✌️

A pair of brand new converse with hand coloured multicolour laces tied in unorthodox style, and marker lines on the toecaps to make them look like animal feet

Day 15: 📷 small (@jmanes) #mbApr

Since I started this April photo challenge my 12 year old daughter has been inspired and has been participating with her iPhone. Today she took a better “small” photo than I did so I am posting hers in lieu of mine (with due credit!) 👏

Closeup of a small black beetle on a green leaf held by a girl's thumb

The next stop of my (unplanned) specialty coffee tour of Kitahama #Osaka is Brooklyn Roasters, right on the river with a fantastic patio. The shop is a combination coffee ☕️ and flower 💐 shop! Oh the smells! 🥰

Paper Coffee cup with Brooklyn Roasters branding on a weather worn wooden table with a river in the backgroundChad stands on a riverside patio holding a Brooklyn Roasters coffee cup

Enjoying a pour over and cookie at the School Bus Coffee Stop in Kitahama #Osaka ☕️

Full coffee cup and a cookie wrapped in a coffee filter. Both the filter and the cup have the School Bus Coffee Shop logo on them

This morning when I woke up to gentle sunlight and blue sky coming through my window, while everyone else was still sleeping in, I started A Prayer for the Crown-Shy by Becky Chambers 📚

Day 14: 📷 cactus (@christopherchelpka) #mbApr

Last Xmas my daughter gave me this little felt cactus to put on my desk so I would have some green around me that wouldn’t die 🌵

(In the background is a photo of my daughters in their kimono 👘🥹)

A small felt cactus in front of a photo of two girls wearing bright kimono holding hands

Day 13: 📷 page (@robj) #mbApr

After finishing off a 250 page notebook, I recently bought a new Leuchtturm1917 in Stone Blue. Also got a new Uni Jetstream Edge in a matching colour. More on journaling: chadkohalyk.com/2021/02/0…

Macro photo of two notebooks, black on bottom and blue on top, with a pen sitting on top.

What a day! 🌞 Sports Day ⚽️🏅🏃‍♀️ for the school so I was out in the sun all day photographing the kids. OD’ing on Vitamin D right now. Need a shower and a lie down.

Day 12: 📷 magic (@DaveyCraney) #mbApr

The cherry blossoms are almost done 🌸! Here are fortune slips that must not have told of the best future, so were left behind.

Check the Replies to see a gallery of other charms and magical items I captured on today’s ride.

#桜 #Japan

Fortune slips knotted on lines at a temple. In the background a sakura tree and belltower

Day 11: 📷 sky (@jedda) #mbApr

Today was cloudy, so I decided to go shoot the Umeda Sky Building in the dark for you. Of course, I had to get some sakura 🌸 in there. Check the replies for some closeups of the hole that goes to the 40th F roof and daytime shots

Wide angle of the Umeda Sky Building from the ground. The building is actually two, capped off with a roof with a giant hole in it. Two escalators carry people up and down through the hole to the top floors. Two cherry blossom trees in the foreground.

During my walk today… a school that pretty much every child wants to go to #osaka #anime #esports

Entrance to the 大阪アニメ・声優&eスポーツ専門学校English sign for the Osaka College of Anime & eSports

Day 10: 📷 train (@starrwulfe) #mbApr

The Nintendo Train through the cherry blossoms 🍄👸🚋🌸

zoom photo through a sakura tree to a train crossing a bridge. Next to the bridge is another sakura tree in full bloom. The train is wrapped with a Super Mario World design for Universal Studies Japan, with depictions of the Princess, some Shy Guys, and more characters from the franchise

It has been mostly cloudy, but I have gotten a few 🌸 cherry blossom shots and put them up on Flickr if you wanna have a quick scroll www.flickr.com/photos/sa…

Day 9: 📷 crispy (@rom) #mbApr

Karaage (fried chicken) with some sakurai mochi and hanami dango 🌸🍡

a plate of karaage and a plate with two pieces of sakura-mochi and a stick of three coloured hanami dango

It is SOOOO windy out! 🌬 There are cherry blossom 🌸 petals on my balcony I am on the 12th floor!

Day 8: 📷 prevention (@anniegreens) #mbApr

“Memory Park” is full of cherry blossom trees and a hanami spot for families in my neighbourhood. 🌸 Lovely, no? But notice the low building just beyond the trees? On the other side of the cranes? That is the Osaka Detention Center. Prevention.

a park of sakura trees. Just beyond and above you can see a building and some cranes

Deb Chachra (@debcha@mastodon.social / @debcha.bsky.social) on CBC Spark. She hits a bunch of the main points of her great book “How Infrastructure Works”. Worth a listen!