A handmade #FathersDay card from my smart A 12 year old daughter. Pretty great despite the commentary track. 🧝‍♀️💍⚔️(Both my kids spitefully refuse to watch the films or read the books because I have been trying to get them to since they were little)

Pencil illustration of Bilbao holding the One Ring with the words with weird fancy curlicues: Happy Father’s Day! The Lord of the RingsThe inside of the card showing two scenes: a long shot of Sam and Frodo at Mordor with The Eye of Sauron and Mt Doom; and the boats coming up to &10;The Pillars of the Kings. Her commentary: “I very much forgot that Father’s Day is real so I made this today”The back of the card simply has the following text: “it took like 3 hours to make this. This was not worth it.”