Day 12: πŸ“· magic (@DaveyCraney) #mbApr

    The cherry blossoms are almost done 🌸! Here are fortune slips that must not have told of the best future, so were left behind.

    Check the Replies to see a gallery of other charms and magical items I captured on today’s ride.


    Fortune slips knotted on lines at a temple. In the background a sakura tree and belltower

    Day 11: πŸ“· sky (@jedda) #mbApr

    Today was cloudy, so I decided to go shoot the Umeda Sky Building in the dark for you. Of course, I had to get some sakura 🌸 in there. Check the replies for some closeups of the hole that goes to the 40th F roof and daytime shots

    Wide angle of the Umeda Sky Building from the ground. The building is actually two, capped off with a roof with a giant hole in it. Two escalators carry people up and down through the hole to the top floors. Two cherry blossom trees in the foreground.

    Day 10: πŸ“· train (@starrwulfe) #mbApr

    The Nintendo Train through the cherry blossoms πŸ„πŸ‘ΈπŸš‹πŸŒΈ

    zoom photo through a sakura tree to a train crossing a bridge. Next to the bridge is another sakura tree in full bloom. The train is wrapped with a Super Mario World design for Universal Studies Japan, with depictions of the Princess, some Shy Guys, and more characters from the franchise

    Day 9: πŸ“· crispy (@rom) #mbApr

    Karaage (fried chicken) with some sakurai mochi and hanami dango 🌸🍑

    a plate of karaage and a plate with two pieces of sakura-mochi and a stick of three coloured hanami dango

    Day 8: πŸ“· prevention (@anniegreens) #mbApr

    “Memory Park” is full of cherry blossom trees and a hanami spot for families in my neighbourhood. 🌸 Lovely, no? But notice the low building just beyond the trees? On the other side of the cranes? That is the Osaka Detention Center. Prevention.

    a park of sakura trees. Just beyond and above you can see a building and some cranes

    Day 6: πŸ“· windy (@Miraz)

    I went out to try and capture something for today’s @challenges theme, but it is just not that windy 😫 Staying within my self-imposed cherry blossom rule, I got a shot of a single petal in a pond rippled with a gentle wind. 🌬🌊🌸

    Close up photo a of a single cherry blossom petal in a pond rippled with a gentle wind

    Day 5: πŸ“· serene (@chiawase)

    🌸🌸🌸 🌸🏯🌸 🌸🌸🌸

    Just sat and watched this scene for a while this afternoon. Many feels from real life … IYKYK

    Osaka Castle through the cherry blossoms

    Day 4: πŸ“· foliage (@pratik)

    Although we are only at something like 60% bloom for the whole region, some varietals bloomed last week. Now the leaves πŸƒ are poking through the blossoms 🌸

    There is still time for θŠ±θ¦‹ hanami flower-viewing. Then comes 葉っぱ見 happami leaf-viewing 🍻

    Tight shot of a cherry blossom tree showing the mix of pink blossoms and fresh green leaves. Looks like the leaves are winning

    Day 3: card πŸ“· (@val)

    Some sakura 🌸 themed greeting cards at a backstreet stationery shop. Unfortunately they didn’t stock any of those fancy 3D constructable ones where you get a whole tree, or the music light show ones. Still, the Japan levels are turned up to 11 on these πŸŽšοΈπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

    3 greeting cards: One depicts Mt Fuji with cherry blossom trees in the foreground. Another is cherry blossoms with Himeji Castle in the background. The third is a kokeshi like doll-girl reaching up to catch falling sakura petals

    Day 2: Flowers πŸ“· (@davegullett)

    A photographer enjoys the blooming cherry blossoms

    Long shot from a high angle through cherry blossom trees of a photographer on the ground shooting cherry blossoms above their head

    πŸ“· Day01 : toy (@pcora)

    Cherry blossoms will be blooming over the next couple of weeks, so I am going to see if I can somehow maintain a parallel theme as this photo challenge progresses. Today I popped down to the Lego store to capture some toy cherry blossoms 🌸🧱

    Closeup of Lego cherry blossoms