Photo Challenge

    Day 30: 📷 hometown (@mattypenny) #mbApr

    I am literally 9,788 kilometers from my hometown, but this community clinging to the side of the mountain at the northern tip of Taiwan is home to many, and a sight to behold! 😍

    Lush jungle mountainside with various buildings popping out and a winding road twisting through, switchbacking up the mountain

    Day 29: 📷 drift (@SimonWoods) #mbApr

    After days of rain and cloud on this #Taiwan trip, we got a perfectly clear 34ºC day with just this little wisp of cloud drifting above the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

    A large white structure topped with a hexagonal roof. The bright reflection makes it feel really hot. Above the building are a few wispy strands of cloud

    Day 28: 📷 community (@stupendousman) #mbApr

    Depiction of community festival at the Taiwan National History Museum. #Taiwan

    Mannequins of all ages dressed up in colourful festival gear with painted faces

    Day 27: 📷 surprise (@Sdevore) #mbApr

    One of the suprising things visiting the holy site of the Buddha tooth relic (see previous post) was finding… a DINOSAUR display!? Unexpected… but at least its a herbivore! 🌱🦕

    A stegasaurus statue in front of a Buddhist pagoda

    Day 26: 📷 critter (@7robots) #mbApr

    Some delicious critters at the night market from our first day in Taiwan.

    Live jumbo shrimp in a tank

    Day 25: 📷 spine (@thedimpause) #mbApr

    To the east of Osaka, floating above the tops of the buildings in the distance, is the Ikoma mountain range, the spine that runs up the middle of Kansai separating the Osaka Plain from the Nara Basin. This is my morning coffee view from the balcony. ☀️☕⛰️⛰️⛰️

    Landscape photo on a sunny day with clouds of buildings receding into the distance and a mountain range beyond

    Day 24: 📷 light (@eumrz) #mbApr

    The cherry blossoms are long gone, so I have not held myself to that rule for the last couple of weeks, but I am glad to get you some cherry blossoms for tonight’s photo 💡🌸

    night photo of an outdoor light covered with a shade with a cherry blossom motif

    Day 23: 📷 dreamy (@maique) #mbApr

    Love this local flower shop overflowing with leaves and twigs of all shapes and sizes. It makes me think of James C Scott. It also makes me think of my wife, since I buy stuff 💐 for her here.

    Store name translates as:

    夢 - dream 挿 - to put into a vase 花 - flowers

    a flower shop with all sorts of green vines and leaves, contrasting with large red signs for Mother's Day

    Day 22: 📷 blue (@lzbth) #mbApr

    A reclining Myaku-Myaku, official character of the Osaka Expo 2025.

    (and yes, I know you are wondering but I can confirm he has an eye on his backside)…

    Large statue of Myaku-Myaku reclining. He is humanoid with a blue body and a red ring of cells with 5 eyes for a head. He smiles and waves

    Day 21: 📷 mountain (@dejus) #mbApr

    Pouring rain 🌧️ so couldn’t get you a pic of Ikoma mountains which look amazing from my apt… so I went to the Ancient Mexico exhibit and got this ziggurat. See more pics:…

    Wall image of El Castillo the Kukulcan Pyramid at Chichen Itza

    Day 20: 📷 ice (@the) #mbApr

    25º in Osaka today. Tea, Waffles, and アイス

    A glass mug of tea latte and a plate with a waffle. On top of the waffle is a scoop of ice cream

    Day 19: 📷 birthday (@crossingthethreshold) #mbApr

    In Japan orchids like this are usually presented as gifts to celebrate a new shop opening. Happy birthday! 🎈🥳

    White orchids set out on the sidewalk in front of a new store selling clothing and accessories for small dogs

    Day 18: 📷 mood (@agilelisa) #mbApr

    Every time I ride my bike past this…

    A life-sized medical human skeleton model stands in front of a shop cosplaying as Anya from Spy Family… ?

    Day 17: 📷 transcendence (@drewbelf) #mbApr

    You are connected to those in the past, in the present, and the future. You are transcendent.

    (📸 This is my family altar 仏壇 🙏📿)

    a thin line of smoke rises from a single stick of lit incense in front of a Buddhist family altar

    Day 16: 📷 flâneur (@chrisaldrich) #mbApr

    Daughter got some new kicks and immediately decorated them in her style. She travels at her own pace. 🌈✌️

    A pair of brand new converse with hand coloured multicolour laces tied in unorthodox style, and marker lines on the toecaps to make them look like animal feet

    Day 15: 📷 small (@jmanes) #mbApr

    Since I started this April photo challenge my 12 year old daughter has been inspired and has been participating with her iPhone. Today she took a better “small” photo than I did so I am posting hers in lieu of mine (with due credit!) 👏

    Closeup of a small black beetle on a green leaf held by a girl's thumb

    Day 14: 📷 cactus (@christopherchelpka) #mbApr

    Last Xmas my daughter gave me this little felt cactus to put on my desk so I would have some green around me that wouldn’t die 🌵

    (In the background is a photo of my daughters in their kimono 👘🥹)

    A small felt cactus in front of a photo of two girls wearing bright kimono holding hands

    Day 13: 📷 page (@robj) #mbApr

    After finishing off a 250 page notebook, I recently bought a new Leuchtturm1917 in Stone Blue. Also got a new Uni Jetstream Edge in a matching colour. More on journaling:…

    Macro photo of two notebooks, black on bottom and blue on top, with a pen sitting on top.

    Day 12: 📷 magic (@DaveyCraney) #mbApr

    The cherry blossoms are almost done 🌸! Here are fortune slips that must not have told of the best future, so were left behind.

    Check the Replies to see a gallery of other charms and magical items I captured on today’s ride.

    #桜 #Japan

    Fortune slips knotted on lines at a temple. In the background a sakura tree and belltower

    Day 11: 📷 sky (@jedda) #mbApr

    Today was cloudy, so I decided to go shoot the Umeda Sky Building in the dark for you. Of course, I had to get some sakura 🌸 in there. Check the replies for some closeups of the hole that goes to the 40th F roof and daytime shots

    Wide angle of the Umeda Sky Building from the ground. The building is actually two, capped off with a roof with a giant hole in it. Two escalators carry people up and down through the hole to the top floors. Two cherry blossom trees in the foreground.
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